Blue Agate Rock Ring

Blue Agate Rock Ring


Blue agate gemstone cabochon set in ‘concrete’, on a smooth oxidised silver band.

Blue agate is a rich, translucent blue colour which is achieved through a dyeing process. Slight natural inclusions and colour banding are sometimes faintly visible through the deep blue colour, due to the nature of the stone. Agate has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. 

Oxidized silver is true sterling silver, but it’s surface has been intentionally darkened. This patina, a surface color that occurs when the silver is introduced to sulfides, is a sped up version of the natural tarnishing process. A layer of silver sulfide forms on the exterior of the metal giving it a blackened look. Over time and depending on the amount of wear you give your pieces, the oxidized finish will polish off and the true color of the silver will shine through.

‘Concrete’ made with an epoxy resin.

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