• some of the concrete jewellery is made with an epoxy resin polymer which makes it strong and durable. however it is still advisable to avoid knocking or dropping the pieces.

  • i also use a cement based mortar which is sealed and protected. however i advise against knocking or dropping these products

  • each item is coated with a non-toxic clear sealer which protects the product from staining and water damage, however i do advise removing our pieces before contact with water.

  • Prolonged contact with skin may cause a slight discolouration of the pieces due to the skins natural oils but this will not harm you or the jewellery..

  • Avoid contact with harmful chemicals such as perfume and moisturisers which can damage and discolour the pieces.

  • You may wish to polish the metal aspects of the jewellery but please avoid getting cleaning solutions on the concrete epoxy as it may cause discolouration.


  • For a simple clean, gently brush your jewellery clean using a soft toothbrush in warm soapy water. Once clean, rinse in fresh water then rub dry with a soft cloth.

  • To clean up more tarnished silver a polishing cloth or silver dip can be used. Check the instructions that come with each of these products before using.

  • matting pads can also be used to achieve a matte finish.

  • Oxidised pieces will change colour over time. The black oxidation will rub off over time where it touches your skin but stay dark in the recesses where it does not, showing highlights of bright silver and lowlights of dark silver. The patina will change as the piece ages, making your piece unique to you.
    If you would like to keep the black finish, we can offer a refinishing service without charge.